Yesuvai Thinam Parpom


When you honor God with your life, He puts a blessing on you that gives you an advantage. God says that when we give our tithes and offerings, “I will pour out a blessing that you do not have room enough to store” (Malachi 3:10). It doesn’t say “blessings,” plural; it says “blessing,” singular. When you have “the blessing,” all kinds of blessings will come. It causes you to rise up when circumstances are trying to push you down. You will accomplish dreams that look impossible. It’s not just because of your skill, talent, and determination. There is a force behind you that is fighting your battles, bringing the right people into your life, opening doors you can’t open. The blessing causes you to prosper when others are struggling and to be promoted even though you aren’t next in line.

When David faced Goliath, in the natural he didn’t have a chance. Goliath was twice his size and had all kinds of training and experience. David could have been intimidated and said, “God, he’s way too big,” but David knew the blessing on his life gave him an advantage. He went out with a slingshot and a few stones and defeated Goliath.

Don’t discount yourself. Don’t look at all the reasons why you can’t be successful, why you can’t lead your company, why you can’t purchase a home, why you can’t get well. On your own it may not happen, but you’re not on your own. There is a supernatural blessing on your life put there by the Creator of the universe. It will cause things to happen that you can’t make happen. It will cause opportunity to find you. Good breaks will chase you down–contracts, promotion, healing, vindication, the right people, the real estate. You won’t have to go after it; the blessing will cause it to come to you.

You may have seen God’s blessings in the past, but you haven’t touched the surface of what He has in store. What you may have thought was the ultimate blessing is just a step in what God is about to do. He has levels far and beyond what you’ve fathomed. The Scripture says, “We haven’t seen, heard, or imagined the amazing things God has for those who love Him.”

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